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The Grip That Wins!

Tour Professionals

The popularity of TwoThumb is growing quickly throughout the professional game with new players switching every week.

Whilst our brand is synonymous with a prayer style putter grip; a proven methodology for ensuring consistent alignment our grips can be used in conjunction with whatever grip style you choose to adopt (conventional, left below right, claw, prayer)...

The larger surface area and paddle shape of our Classic and Big Daddy Light grips are specifically designed to reduce grip pressure (a common contributor of the dreaded 'yips') and tension through the wrists whilst our Snug range features a flat front which provides an ideal reference point to ensure consistent alignment whichever size you choose.

Here's a selection of tour professionals who have chosen to play TwoThumb:

Matt Wallace Short Game Masterclass in Today's Golfer


Matt Wallace and the Snug Tour 27


Matt NeSmith and the OG Taper 43 Lite


Laurie Canter and the Big Daddy Light


Jordan Smith and the Classic 


Steven Brown and the Classic 


Tom Gandy and the Snug 30


Ollie Farr and the Snug 27 Wide


Louis De Jager and the Classic