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Frequently Asked Questions

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On Tour

Yes indeed, we are fortunate to have a growing number or professionals playing on all major golf tours using the full extent of our grip range, to the best of our knowledge (as the picture can change week to week!) this includes, but is not limited to:

Matt Wallace: Snug Tour 27
Matt NeSmith: OG LTaper 43 Lite (formerly Big Daddy Light)
Christiaan Bezuidenhout: Snug Daddy 30
Alexander Bjork: Snug SQ 30 and Snug Daddy 30 
Thriston Lawrence: OG Taper 43 Lite
Dan Bradbury: Snug SQ 30 Long
Laurie Canter: OG Taper 43 Lite (formerly Big Daddy Light)
Scott Harrington: OG Lite 39 long
Robby Shelton: Snug Tour 27
Jorge Campillo: Snug Tour 27
Jamie Rutherford: Snug Tour 24
James Jankowski: Pistol 7E 29
Stephen Brown: Snug SQ 30 and Snug Daddy 30 
Dave Coupland: Snug Tour 30
Joe Long: Snug Tour 27
Rhys Enoch: OG Taper 43 Lite (formerly Big Daddy Light)
Ockie Strydom: Snug Tour 30
John Catlin: Snug Daddy 27
Jeremy Freiburghaus: Snug SQ 30L
Matthew Baldwin: Snug Tour 30
Luke List: Snug Daddy 30
Craig Howie: OG Taper 43 Lite (formerly Big Daddy Light)
Whitney Hillier: Snug Daddy 27
Hannah Screen: Snug Tour 27
Sam Cutting: OG Taper 43 Lite (formerly Big Daddy Light)
Stacey Bregman: Snug Daddy 27
Nicole Garcia: Snug SQ 27

Product Selection

A major contributing factor to the 'yips' is too much grip pressure which leads to greater tension in the wrists. One effective way to reduce the pressure is to increase the surface area of the grip and by doing so the natural result is a reduction on grip pressure and therefore tension.

For this reason our Big Daddy Light range would be a great option for you to try which can be used in conjunction with any grip technique. If your preference is for a more traditional shape of oversized grip then choose our Snug Daddy 33 whose flat front will also aid consistent grip alignment and help prevent grip twist.

This very much depends on what you are wanting to achieve by changing your grip. For example, if you wish to continue using a pistol / pencil size grip then choosing a Snug Daddy 24 or 27 will help with your grip alignment and consistency of stroke. If your primary goal is to confidence with shorter length putts, then opt for the Snug Daddy 24 however if your goal to gain greater control over long distance putts then the slightly wider Snug Daddy 27 would be a great option.

All of our grips will compliment a mallet putter, the question is the size of grip you have a preference of and what aspect of your putting (if any) are you wanting to improve?

  1. If you currently use a pencil sized grip but want to improve confidence over shorter puts, consider a Snug Daddy 27 or 30 however if you want greater control over longer distance putts consider a Snug Daddy 24 or 27.
  2. If you currently use a midi sized grip but want to improve confidence over shorter puts, consider The Daddy or The Snug Daddy 33 however if you want greater control over longer distance putts consider a Snug Daddy 27, 27W or 30.
  3. If you currently use an oversized / fat grip but want to improve confidence over shorter puts, consider The Big Daddy Light or our Classic range however if you want greater control over longer distance putts consider a Snug Daddy 33. 

Many customers ask this question! It's the width and depth of the putter grip which is denoted by the two numbers in the title. For example, The Snug Daddy 24 is 24mm wide and 24 mm deep whereas the Snug Daddy 33 is 33mm wide and 33mm deep. As a result of feedback from tour professionals we introduced our Snug Daddy 27W which is actually 30mm wide and 27mm deep. Many tour professionals really liked the depth of the grip but found that a slightly wide profile further reduced any potential grip twist. 

Put simply it's the weight of the grip. The Classic Original is 200 grams and manufactured from rubber whereas our Big Daddy Light is just 60 grams which is pretty much the weight of a conventional putter grip. Though personal preference is the major contributing factor when selecting a new putter grip many golfers who wish to maintain ultimate feel through the putter head with an oversized putter grip will opt for the Big Daddy Light. The Classic Original or Classic Light are often used in combination with heavier mallet style putters.

We do but it's now called 'The Daddy'. This grip is perfectly suited to those golfers with smaller hands, juniors or ladies who want to gain the benefits of an oversized paddle shaped grip but find our Classic range and Big Daddy Light range too big. The Daddy is our midi sized grip which can also be fitted in a rotated position at 90 degrees which is why we first named this grip the 'rotate'.

Putting Advice

No. Whilst we believe there are huge benefits to putting with a prayer style grip which ensures your shoulders are level and better aligned to the target, you can employ any technique when using our grips. Many opt for a traditional right below left or left below right set-up while others use the increasingly popular claw technique. Examples can be found within the images of our Big Daddy Light grip product page

The unique paddle shape of the TwoThumb Classic putter grips and the Big Daddy Light putter grips ensure consistent grip alignment. Not only will you gain the benefit of reducing grip pressure because of the larger surface area but the paddle shape will help you achieve a consistent grip position which is aligned to the target. TwoThumb Grips will not twist like other more circular grips.