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As used by PGA Tour Brand Ambassadors Matt Wallace & Matthew NeSmith

Large Putter Grips

One way to improve your putting is by changing your golf grip to a large golf grip. large golf grips are becoming very popular with golfers of all abilities. Many golfers do not understand what the benefits of these large golf grips are and how these grips will improve their putting. Maintaining control of your golf from the top to the bottom is the most important aspect of putting. Many golfers struggle to prevent their wrists from hinging during their putting stroke and this can be caused by using a golf grip that is too small. There must be no wrist action when you are putting, your arms and hands must swing in a pendulum movement from your shoulder. If your wrist moves (or hinges) the direction of the golf face changes when you hit the ball and you will lose your line. The use of the 2Thumb large golf Grip can prevent this motion from your wrists and give you more control over your putting stroke, resulting in an improvement in putting accuracy – right the way from reducing wrist break by up to 43% down to reducing ball hop, skid and first roll distances. Not only will using a large golf grip help you grip the golf more gently, large golf grips will also allow you to change the placement of your hands on the grip, but still maintain control over the golf. If you use the most common golf grip, (the reverse-overlap grip), you can create too much movement in your hands and wrists. With a large grip, you can place your hands side-by-side without it feeling to uncomfortable and remove that dominance of one hand. Your hands being equally placed on the grip (rather than one above the other) also helps remove most of the wrist action. The range of large golf grips available from 2Thumb is extensive and suitable for all types of requirements and golfing abilities. From the "original" the heaviest of the series, designed specifically for those who like to feel the security of a maximum size, high quality grip in their hands, the "shorty" - perfect for players who like to have total control and feel over their golf-head while employing a pure pendulum action, the "light" - for golfers looking to have great feel and balance through the golf head, while at the same time playing with a full size grip, to the "pro-light - offering players of a high standard the ultimate transfer of feel and control from the golf head, and at only 68 grams, weighing the same as most standard narrow golf grips. There is a large golf grip for you at 2Thumb - and used in conjunction with the 2Thumb System your putting will improve and your enjoyment of the game will increase. Try it today! Try it today!