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Putting Tips with James Jankowski

Our entire team are passionate about golf, fascinated by all things putting related and dedicated to improving your putting. Each and every grip is designed with that in mind.

We work closely with many incredible professionals in their own right, from Top 50 putting coach James Jankowski to tour professionals such as Matt Wallace and Matt NeSmith. 

Click the image below to read James' recent Golf Monthly article where he shares some fascinating insights and tips that will improve your putting.



Now take time to watch the videos below which provide some wonderful advice on how to overcome many common faults James sees when coaching amateurs and professional alike.

In this video, putting coach James Jankowski talks us through techniques on removing wrist manipulation from your game.


James talks us through a set-up technique to improve your game and help you sink more putts.


Could the TwoThumb putting technique help improve your game? James Jankowski explains.


Improve your success over short putts with James Jankowski.