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The Grip That Wins!

Improve Your Putting

Improve your putting with better putter grips A massive amount of design attention is paid to getting better putter shaft length and better putter heads , but we believe that a better putter grip is just as vital in improving your putting, if not more so. The grip is where you feel the putt, the direct connection between you and the ball, and this is also the part where most improvement in your putting can begin. Improving your putting starts with the right grip. That’s why we’ve designed in Britain and patented across the globe a range of the putter grips that allow you to feel more balanced and in control when standing over a putt; we call it the TwoThumb grip. Curing the ‘Yips’ to improve your putting Numerous ideas and explanations have been proposed to explain what has been known as ‘the putting yips’. Many have discussed the psychological or physiological nature of the yips which usually manifests itself in a poorly co-ordinated ‘stab’ type shot rather than a smooth controlled putting stroke. This anxious movement usually causes the wrists to break during the putting stroke which leads to inconsistent results. The 2thumb grip by virtue of its oversized grip and the unique British patented design fits naturally into the hands and therefore prevents ‘wrist break’ and therefore helps to prevent the ‘yips’. It couldn’t work any better. Improving your putting made simple. Quick Tips for improving your putting Your grip on the putter should control not dominate Putting is improved with thumbs side by side and level, back of hands square to target Fingers simply wrap over each other around the back of the grip Arms are better hanging down naturally, never bellow your elbows Improve your putting with your feet comfortably apart and parallel to target Back of the ball should be middle of stance for improve your putting. Putting Better with the Gazelley Putting System TwoThumbs' chief product engineer and putting coach Philip H Gazelley has developed a new putting system to help keep each putting stroke consistent and smooth. The technique, if carefully followed and practiced, is assured to improve your putting. Follow our step by step, complete breakdown on how to improve your putting - from grip to posture, to eye alignment, to stance and stroke. His teaching is easy to grasp and simple to apply, like these 18 tips to improve your putting. (Link to the Gazelley Puttign System page here..